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                【老師說】精通四種語言,多才多藝的幼兒園班主任 | Ms Chloe Carron

                Ms Chloe Carron 幼兒園外籍班主任

                Ms Chloe Carron


                Early Years Class Teacher EY1 2

                Chloe Carron女士擁有文學學士學位,教育學PGCE和TEFL語言培訓。她在北京著名的國際學校任教三年。Chloe由於對語言學習的熱愛,專門從事幼兒語言學習。Chloe也精通西班牙語、愛爾蘭語和法語,並且正在學習普通話。Chloe在西班牙生活了很多年,同時教英語、表演藝術和合唱,這給我們美麗的幼兒園帶來了奇妙的創造力。

                Ms Chloe Carron holds a BA Degree, PGCE in Education and TEFL language training. She has spent three years teaching in a well-known International School in Beijing. Chloe specialised in Early Years language learning and acquisition due to her own passion for language learning. Chloe is fluent in Spanish, conversational in Irish and French and is learning Mandarin. Having lived in Spain for many years, teaching both English, Performing Arts & Choral, Chloe brings a wonderful creative flair to our beautiful Early Years school.


                Reasons for joining FCG


                I joined Fettes College Guangzhou because I was drawn to the concept of being part of a founding team in a brand-new school. The school itself is incredible, from the architecture to the functional rooms that we are lucky enough to have. These include an Art Studio, Carpentry Room and our exciting STEAM Lab. We also have an Early Years Swimming Pool and my favourite, the Performing Arts Theatre. Here at Fettes, we want our children to grow academically but to also build confidence and help them develop all the skills necessary to become successful, respectful global citizens. As an Early Years Teacher this is what I strive to achieve each and every day.


                The role in FCG Early Years School


                我在亚洲通公學幼兒園主要負責發展幼兒交流,語言和讀寫能力的項目,這是從介紹Makaton和我們的自然拼讀項目Read Write Inc開始的。聚集老師們的力量,我們開發出一套極佳的語言學習項目,在基於主題探究的學習中培養孩子們的語言能力。

                我和我們的團隊為孩子們營造了一個熏陶的學習環境,使他們感到安全並和孩子們建立信任的關系。我努力確保孩子的父母也能盡可能積極地參與到孩子的學習中來,並讓家長們認識到家園關系的重要性。我們利用每周新聞、Evidence Me 評估軟件、家園溝通手冊以及日常溝通等多元的方式來和家長保持最優的家園合作。

                My role in Early Years is to develop our Communication, Language and Literacy programme. This has started with the introduction to Makaton and our Phonics programme, 'Read Write Inc'. Utilising key staff, we have developed a strong program of language learning, building students language acquisition while making the learning topic based and relevant.

                Our Early Years Team create nurturing environments for the children, somewhere they can feel safe and where we can build trusting relationships. I strive to ensure that my student's families are also actively involved in their children’s learning as much as possible and that we instill the importance of the relationship at home and at school. We develop these links using our weekly Newsletter, 'Evidence Me' our Digital App, Home Communication Books and daily conversations at collection time.


                What do you enjoy most about working in EY



                Besides working with the children, I thoroughly enjoy working with our special  Early Years team. We are all passionate, creative specialists and we aim to create highly effective lessons that engage the student's interest and further extend language opportunities. Through daily observation and assessment of pupil interest we ensure that our students are accessing instructions and key vocabulary and achieving the objectives in both English and Chinese. In EY we are fully immersive in our bilingual learning.