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                廣州亚洲通公學高中部2021年秋全球招生計劃 | Senior School Enrollment Guide of FCG


                高中部簡介 Introduction



                廣州亚洲通公學高中部開設劍橋IGCSE課程、A Level課程相融合的課程體系,並已成為IB候選學校,預計將於2022年開設IBDP課程。

                廣州亚洲通公學高中部教師團隊由Jennifer Walters博士校長領銜。

                Jennifer Walters博士畢業於英國斯特靈大學,曾任英國斐特思公學管理崗位,是一位資深的DP課程及升學指導專家。

                Jennifer Walters博士已組建起一支擁有一流水準的中外教師團隊。他們將融合中西教育精粹,為學生提供沈浸式雙語學習環境。

                FCG Senior School will officially open in September 2021, including grade 9 and 10, and grade 11 will be enrolled in September 2022.

                The international high school of FCG has set up a curriculum system integrating Cambridge IGCSE curriculum and A-level curriculum. It has become an IB Candidate School and is expected to open IBDP curriculum in 2022.

                The senior high school faculty of FCG is led by Dr. Jennifer Walters (Head of Senior School), who graduated from the Universities of Stirling, Aberystwyth and Bath in the United Kingdom. She once held a teaching and management position in Fettes College in the United Kingdom. Also, she is a senior expert on DP course and college admission guidance.

                Dr. Jennifer Walters has set up a teaching and management team composed of international first-class Chinese and foreign teachers. They will integrate the essence of Chinese and western education to provide students with a supported-immersive English learning environment.

                高中外方校長Jennifer Walters博士)

                1、課程設置 Curriculum

                課程設置 Curriculum



                課程特點 Curriculum Features







                Key course

                Bespoke course, develops exposure to and confidence in thinking skills, as well as international assessment outcomes.

                Enrichment Modular

                Provide 6 areas of inquiry fields, from which students can achieve balance and enhance university applications by exploring their interests in new contexts.

                Tutor system

                One to one tutorial weekly based on traditional Oxbridge model to give personalised support to student progress.

                2、英語沈浸式教學 Supported Immersive English






                English Courses:

                Enhanced class hours, taught by Chinese and foreign teachers.

                Subject Courses:

                English textbooks, English or bilingual teaching and English assessment.

                English Training:

                Training includes IELTS and TOEFL tests.

                Activity courses:

                Immersive English environment with rich activities, such as English winter and summer camps.

                3、升學指導 College Guidance




                | 選擇報讀國家、大學和專業

                | 選擇學科課程和活動課程

                | 規劃語言和標化考試

                | 準備筆試、面試和競賽

                | 選擇夏校和實習機會

                | 參加招生官來訪和博實樂校友分享

                | 修改個人陳述等文書

                | 留學簽證和入學準備

                Guidance for Further Studies

                We provide a complete course for senior one to four to ensure that students are admitted to their best-fit world-renowned school. We support students in the following:

                | Subject, course, university, and country.

                | Enrichment to support targeted and competitive application.

                | Prepare for entrance examination and interviews.

                | Summer school, internship, and scholarship opportunities.

                | Participate in the admissions officer's visit and experience sharing with Bright Scholar alumni.

                | Develop college essays as required and other documents.

                | Preparation for study visa and university admissions.


                【高中】英國大學申請指南 | A guide to the UK University Application Process

                【升學】世界招生程序:概覽 | World Admissions Processes: An overview

                【招生】亚洲通秋季招生線上通道現已開啟 | Admissions Announcement

                【小學】勞動教育,從娃娃教起 | Labour Education, Starting from the Primary